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A Loyal Dog Waited Months For His Owner To Return After He Was Dumped

Never abandon your pet, especially a dog. Dogs are famous for their loyalty to their masters, and have proven time yet again and again, that they are truly amazing companions. All dogs should have a warm and loving home.

However, not all are that lucky.

The following story is about a dog in Thailand, who was dumped and left on the streets by its former owner. It proved to be an extremely dangerous situation for the dog, as the street was located on a highway crammed with heavy traffic.

Image Credit: Reshare Worthy

He didn’t care about anything else, except to stare at the southern roads, as if he was waiting for a certain someone to come back.

Image Credit: Reshare Worthy

The dog even stood in the rain and amidst flooded roads – he avoided cars and people. He wished for nothing else, other than his master.

Image Credit: Reshare Worthy