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Dog Dragged Into Shelter Against His Will, Heartless Owner Didn’t Care

As you can see, the dog in this feature photo does not want to go into this building.

What is worse is that the building is an animal shelter and the poor dog was forced to enter.

Christina Dickson, animal advocate and volunteer at the Miami-Dade Animal Services office was beside herself when she saw Tito being dragged into.

The family claimed that Tito was a stray that didn’t get along with their other dog – so, he had to go.

The fact is that Tito seemed to really love the woman who was dumping him life trash.

Why they were really dumping him at the shelter is a mystery.

Tito’s future is not bright. If no one claims him soon, he will be put down.

Tito is an unaltered American bulldog, and the shelter staff estimates he is two years old.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]