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Owner Brings His Puppy To The Vet — And Doctors Can’t Believe He’s Still Alive

In McMurray, Pennsylvania, a 10-week-old terrier mix, nicknamed “The Puppy” by veterinarians working at the University Veterinary Specialists clinic, has been brought in – with a metal hod embedded in its skull. The puppy was in a terrible condition when he was brought in by his owner – and his owner had no money to pay for its medical bills.

Image Credit: WTAE-TV Pittsburgh / YouTube

The kind vets quickly reassured the owner and took on the case. This poor puppy had to go through a couple of surgeries and rounds of anesthesia for his life to be saved – the rod was then successfully removed from his head! However, doctors were unsure if the pup could survive. Then things started to look up for the puppy.

Image Credit: WTAE-TV Pittsburgh / YouTube

The vets were left in shock – the puppy was a miracle survivor! However, it wasn’t the owner that inflicted the damage done to this pup – someone else did so. The question of “who” remains unanswered, unfortunately.

Image Credit: WTAE-TV Pittsburgh / YouTube

Check out the news report below!

Thankfully, the poor puppy has now fully recovered and is now recuperating at home.

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