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This Owl Is Trapped And Extremely Tired, But Watch The Unexpected Reaction When He Gets Rescued

Craig Loving is the hero of this story because he rescued a Great Horned Owl that had gotten stuck near the 1st tee at the Lost Creek Country Club located in Austin, Texas. The country club employees saw the owl but didn’t think anything of it – at first, but when the owl was in the exact same place 12 hours later, they realized it was stuck!

The owl had gotten tangled in some fishing line and wasn’t able to fly, the perch it had found at least kept him from drowning. Craig had a pair of pliers’ ready to cut the line, and he slowly approached the owl. Craig was able to snip away at all the fishing line and unwrap the owl’s wing!

Watch the incredible rescue in the video below!

After the ordeal, the owl was too exhausted to move, so Craig managed to move him to shore with the handle of a shovel! Great job Craig! Share away, people!