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Overprotective Mom Leaves Baby In The Care Of Young Niece. Minutes Later Receives This Photo

It is hard for some parents to leave their baby in the hands of a babysitter for the first time. You can never tell if they are going to be as vigilant as you are with your child. Claudia Sorhaindo was nervous when she left her daughter, Ava, with her niece, J’Ann. Claudia only had a quick errand to run.

The whole time she was away from her daughter, she had a bad feeling. Then she got a message, and an image popped up on her camera. Claudia was stunned by what she saw! As it turns out, Claudia had absolutely nothing to worry about! J’Ann was taking very (very) good care of Ava!

Take a look at this photo!

Ava never left J’Ann’s sight, because she had been tucked inside her pants! Now J’Ann can use both hands and keep an eye on the baby no matter where she goes!

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