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Orphaned Kittens Found In A Barn With Very Unusual Markings

So far, the doctors have been able to rule out tigers and bobcats – but no one is quite sure what breed they are. Chances are they are either Savannah cats or Bengals.

Only time will tell! The kitten’s mother was not found, if someone had seen her, the type of cat the kittens were would have been easier to determine.

No one is quite sure what happened to the mother cat – it is very unusual for kittens that young to be left alone. Tragically, one kitten died. The surviving kitten is doing well and being cared for around the clock. It is risky business to breed hybrid cats.

Do not support backyard breeders. Go to your local shelter and adopt! Puppy mills and cat mills are horrible places of neglect and abuse. There are plenty of shelter animals just waiting for a home near you!

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