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Orphaned Elk Sees Firefighters Putting Out Wildfire And Decides To Thank Them With Kisses

Buttons is a friendly elk. Yes, I know that sounds strange – doesn’t it? But it is true. Just scroll down, and you will see! In July 2016, Washington state firefighters from the Kittitas County Fire District #7 were hard at work fighting a wildfire when Buttons arrived on the scene. The elk was simply looking for someone to ‘talk’ to.

According to Richelle Risdon, the Kittitas County Fire District spokeswoman, Buttons walked around and started to nudge everyone – not unlike a cat who bumps your hand for some attention.

The entire event was shared on Facebook. Buttons is known in the area as a friendly elk. The more publicity she gets, they hope the more hunters will leave her alone during hunting season.

Exposure is key for her! Buttons has was found back in 2015 as an orphan. Her family was gone, and the little elk started to live with a group of cows, goats, and horses that lived on a hillside.