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Once-Orphaned Elephant Returns From The Wild — To Give Birth In Front Of Her Keepers

Emily, an orphaned elephant was rescued by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after falling down a disused pit latrine in 1993 – she was a baby elephant back then. As Emily grew, she bonded with the existing elephant herd at the Tsavo East Voi rehabilitation facility within Sheldrick.

Emily soon became the foster mother and guardian of orphaned baby elephants who came to the facility from all over Kenya – guiding them and take care of their every need like every mother elephant would. The Trust welcomed her back in December 23, 2014 – Emily came back on her own accord, to give birth to her second baby as a way for her to honor and show gratitude to the caring keepers working there. It was a joyous occasion, as both elephants and humans alike came together to celebrate the birth of Emily’s new calf, Emma.

Take a look at the video below!

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