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It’s The First Time Orangutan Was Caught On Video, And At The End She Shows Her Baby To The Keeper

In the Durrell Wildlife Conservative Trust, a miracle happened. A Sumatran orangutan, who was supposedly never going to be able to have a child, received help from a human doctor in order to bring that seemingly impossible reality to life. Thanks to the help of that doctor, the orangutan was able to have a baby after all. This incredible miracle of a moment was captured on film.

Image Credit: YouTube

While it is a graphic video, it also depicts the wonders of childhood and the strength of a mother, and it is the first time a birth of this kind has been captured in such detail in history. Excited with the new life she’s brought into the world, the orangutan then rushes up to a conservationist and shows him her child.

Image Credit: YouTube

It’s as though she knows just as well as the rest of the world what a beautiful thing she has just done, and is saying, “Look! Look what I made!”

The little baby orangutan was named “Keajaiban” – which means “miracle” in the Indonesian language – or Kea for short, and she’s happily enjoying life as part of the Durrell Wildlife Conservative Trust family. She’s since starred in the Refugees of the Lost Rainforest program on BBC and earned thousands of adoring fans.