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Police Warn People To Never Answer Calls From Any Of These 5 Area Codes

Do you have caller ID? Most phones we use have that feature. We are lucky. There are some area codes that police are warning people about. If you get a call from one of those area codes, you should never answer the phone! It is a scam called the One-Ring Phone Scam. The area codes are 268, 809, 876, and 473. Another thing to watch out for is a call that comes from what looks like a local area code, but an unfamiliar phone number.

The One-Ring Scam works like this: they call your phone and let it ring once, then the phone disconnects. You pick up the phone and redial the number thinking you missed something.

phone scam

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

But what happens then is that you get directed to a number that charges you a lot of money.