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Oldest Tortoise Surprised Researches By Laying 9 Eggs. Even I’m Surprised By Her Age!

When humans first traveled to the Galapagos Islands, they hunted the tortoises for their meat.

They also brought along non-native animals (like cats, dogs, rats, goats, and cattle) that would eat the unhatched tortoise eggs and even eat the same food that the tortoises ate (so there was competition for the food).

According to National Geographic, during a typical day, a tortoise will graze on grass and bask in the sun. Their metabolism is so slow that they can go without eating for a long time.

So, if it weren’t for humans, the Galapagos tortoise wouldn’t be on the endangered species list. Breeding programs like this one at Zoo Zurich are trying to bring back species that may soon vanish from the earth. Share away, people.