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Man Creates Bed For Stray Animals Using Old Discarded Tyres

Amarildo Silvo Filho, 23, is an artist and entrepreneur living in Brazil.

Two years ago, he was working in a grocery store to earn a living.

He wasn’t happy, however, for he wanted to do something that would enable him to help the environment and the many stray animals he saw in his neighborhood.

Filho was already doing the former to a degree, for he often used “found” objects in his art.

One day, he found a large pile of tires that had been dumped along the street, and he had an idea as to what to with them.

As an experiment, he decided to recycle one tire into a pet bed for one of the strays.

The experiment was a success. Over the past two years, he has made over 6,000 pet beds that can accommodate anything ranging from a litter of kittens to a mid-sized dog.

Making a pet bed takes Filho roughly 40 minutes.

He cleans the tire and cuts the edge off one side.

He then paints and decorates the bed with a pawprint pattern and the animal’s name.

If the recipient is a dog, he will add a doggie bone design.

A matching pillow and bedding provide the final touch.

To go by one of the pictures on his Instagram page, he also makes the bedding and pillows.

Filho founded a company called Cãominhas Pets that currently sells the pet beds to customers in two of Brazil’s states.

He hopes to eventually sell pet beds throughout the world.

In the meantime, Filho has also converted tires into planters, furniture, and recycling bins.

Filho will attach two or more tires together to make some of these items.

Where does he get all of the tires?

In addition to simply finding tires on the street, he buys some in bulk and is given others through donations.

To learn more about Cãominhas Pets, visit their Facebook page or Filho’s Instagram page.