Image Credit: Armand Foisy / YouTube

You are never too old to have fun. When you stop having fun, then life can really get you down!

Armand and his mom, 101 years old, were driving down the road when she told him to stop.

She got out of the car and had some fun in the snow! Armand was able to get the silliness on film and share it with us!

The woman gets out of the car and bends over to grab a handful of snow.

She then takes the time and patience to make the perfect snowball!

You can tell by the giggles and the grin on her face that she is having the best time!

This is the perfect reminder to us all to stop and enjoy ourselves.

Take a look at this video

These moments will be gone soon enough. Especially now during the holidays.

Put down your phones, tablets, and computers. Enjoy. Live life and smile!

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