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Old Lady Digs A Grave In Her Yard — Then Neighbors Realize The Truth

Prepare to be pranked. The older woman you see here is digging in her garden. She has a wheelbarrow filled with dirt and enlists the help of a few people passing by. You see she is just an ‘innocent’ older lady who is all worn out by the hard work. She asks them to help her move some dirt into the back to fill in the hole.

Wait until you see looks on their face when they see what she is doing. They thought they were being kind but are shocked when they see the hole she is digging! It looks like she has dug a grave and is using the dirt to fill it in! Can you imagine what was going through their minds?!

Take a look at this video

The prank was orchestrated by Just For Laughs, a group based out of Quebec, Canada. A little humor to brighten the day! Share away, people!