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Hysterical Video Of Dad Moving 1-Month-Old’s Mouth To Lip-Sync ‘O Holy Night’

You know those movies when they make it look like the animals are talking? Super funny! Well, this video is not really like that – but in a way it is! This is a dad who is helping his one-month-old baby lip-sync to a Christmas Carol. Ashley Killingsworth is the baby’s mom, and she posted the video to show everyone that he baby is ready for Christmas!

Dad uses his finger to help the baby ‘sing’ along to “O Holy Night.” If you could see the dad’s finger, you may actually think the baby is some sort of virtuoso and is singing the song himself! Okay, no, most people would realize that a baby this small can’t sing that good! But just take a look at the video. You won’t regret it.

Take a look at this video

This video may help put you in the holiday spirit! If not, you may just get a good laugh! Either way – Enjoy and share away, people!