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Officials Warn People To Stay Away And Get Help If They Spot This At The Beach This Summer

Planning on going to the beach this summer? Be sure to keep a safe distance from any “purple bubbles” you may see floating on the surface of the water! This amazing creature is a Portuguese Man-of-War, and they will paralyze you if they touch any part of your body! Many beaches will post signs warning visitors to avoid them, so be alert and be aware!

The Portuguese Man-of-War is also known as a “floating terror” and reportedly has an extremely painful sting. They may look like jellyfish, but they are far from it! The Portuguese Man-of-War is actually four different animals that function together. The sting from a Man-of-War is treated differently than a jellyfish sting.

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The venom in the tentacles is used to paralyze prey and, according to National Geographic, the thin tendrils may extend about 165 feet below the surface!

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