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Officials To Parents: If You See These Marks On Your Kids, Something Serious Is Happening

Parents be aware there is a new game that kids are playing at school called the ‘eraser challenge.’ To play, the child rubs an eraser up and down their arms with reciting the alphabet. The game can cause serious burns and scarring. East Iredell Middle School in North Carolina warned parents in a Facebook post.

eraser challenge

Image Credit: cnstars23 / Instagram

The school also included a story about a teen who, in 2015, had contracted Strep A from the bacteria on an eraser he used to play the game. Some parents have dismissed the warnings saying that the kids are just being kids. But, it is important to let your child know they can develop a serious illness if they play this game.

Take a look at this video

Playing a game is one thing, developing burns and scars is another. Skin is not sterile, erasers are not sterile. Injury and infection are very likely with this game.

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