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Official List Of Bottled Water Brands To Avoid At All Costs Has Finally Been Posted

Here is the list we have all been waiting for – the list of bottled water that we all need to avoid! Many brands of bottled water have additives, like fluoride that were once thought to provide health benefits. But, too much fluoride is not good for you, and you can develop a condition called fluorosis.

Some symptoms of fluorosis include weak and discolored teeth and bone pain. Children under the age of two should not brush with fluoridated water or use toothpaste with added fluorine. The FDA monitors the amount of fluoride that goes into packaged products (like water and toothpaste).

Take a look at this video

If you are concerned about the fluoride, your family gets then you should drink Evian, Deja, Whole Foods 365, Polaris, and Mountain Valley Springs bottled water because they contain zero fluorine. On the other hand, Poland Springs, Crystal Springs, and Deer Park contain high levels of fluorine. Share away, people.