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Officer Stands In The Corner During Dancer’s Performance, Powerful Ending Has People Talking

Being part of the police force is a dangerous and tiring job. Being an officer would meant long working hours and putting your life at risk to protect the community. Although they are prominent in our lives, not many people would have the thought to show their appreciation to them. This young girl, however, had decided to dedicate her dance routine to her local community heroes!

Tylar started her routine by crouching in a corner of the stage while a police officer solemnly stands in the opposite corner. Paul Harvey’s “Policeman” began playing as she starts to move along with the lyrics. Her performance, coupled with the lyrics of the song was a stunning combination!

Image Credit: ShareTap

At the end of the song, she put her hand on her chest and directed her eyes on the police officer. What a stunning show of appreciation!

Image Credit: ShareTap

Check out this video:

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