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Local Police Officer Buys Elderly Woman Groceries With Own Money

Being a cop isn’t the easiest job.

While most of us can go through our days without much concern for what’s going on around us, officers have to deal with it.

How many times have you been stuck in traffic while cops deal with crowd control, car crashes, dangerous persons, and even construction?

Police officers tend to deal with problems head-on.

Thank goodness that they do, too.

Especially for Cynthia Hill, a 92-year-old woman in the Gainesville area.

She was lucky enough to meet Officer Kristen Miller.

Officer Miller arrived at Ms. Hill’s home shortly after she received a concerned call from the family of the woman.

It’s speculated that Officer Miller assumed she wouldn’t be noticed as she went to the old woman’s house to perform a wellness check.

This should have been a routine visit, but it turned into something quite different…

The Gainesville PD’s FB page recounted what happened when two officers (Jessica Van and Kristen Miller) were dispatched to the old woman’s house.

The woman’s loved ones had become very concerned about her, but due to circumstances, they were not able to check on her themselves.

Once they arrived, Officer Miller found herself in the middle of something she hadn’t expected.

While performing the wellness check, Officer Miller discovered that the water service had been shut off, the electricity to the home had been cut, and all of the food in the woman’s house had spoiled.

To make matters worse, Officer Miller discovered that this wonderful woman also had no means to get into town to correct the situation.

This wasn’t that surprising, given that elderly folks tend to quit or avoid going out as much.

Between the deplorable living conditions and the lack of Cynthia’s ability to obtain access to where she needed to go, Officer Miller was nearly in tears.

The two officers quickly sprang into action, ensuring that Cynthia had everything she could possibly need to keep going.

This was all done out of their own pockets.

When Officer Miller showed up with handfuls of groceries, Cynthia was shocked.

The groceries included non-perishables, Gatorade, and water.

Everything the 92-year-old woman would need to keep her energy up.

But the officers’ generosity didn’t end with just some much-needed and appreciated groceries.

Gainesville PD later confirmed that it was working on taking care of the woman’s utilities.

They did this because they felt that vulnerable people shouldn’t have to live in such deplorable conditions.

All Officer Miller had to do was complete the wellness check, verify that the woman was alive, and leave.

She and her partner went above and beyond.

This isn’t new to the officer, who had to care for her own parents when cancer struck.

She also went into law enforcement because of her love of helping others.

She was quoted as saying that her family was always a big part of her life.

She explained that she spent her high school and college years taking care of her parents, and talked about how it was hard to balance school, caring for her loved ones, and helping to pay bills.

This is proof that there aren’t just heroes among us – there are angels, too!

Officer Miller went way above and beyond, so she deserves praise to match!

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