Pit bulls have been wrongly judged as vicious and frightening for years as a result of negative media coverage.

But those who do have a pit bull for a pet and best friend know that they’re far from that!

They’re loving, loyal, and gentle at heart.

Tracy Daniels and her family were excited to adopt a new pit bull from Adore-A-Bull into their home: a pup named Ember!

It was the second time they’d owned a pit bull, so they’d never thought of them badly.

It wasn’t long before Ember became best friends with Tre, Tracy’s son, who is ten years old.

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Then, one day, Tracy woke up to hear an odd grumbling, growling sound.

She was still quite drowsy, so she wasn’t sure what was happening, but next to her, she could feel Ember’s tension radiating off of her in waves.

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Tracy got up and turned over to look at the pup. Ember was insistently lying next to her, grumbling and growling in a strange way she’d never felt before.

Tracy figured it was just a random odd occurrence, but Ember continued to growl and would not leave her.

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Eventually, Tracy knew something had to be wrong for Ember to behave that way.

She got up, and immediately, Ember began to walk out of the room.

Tracy followed her and Ember brought her to the bathroom. As soon as Tracy opened the door, she gasped in horror.

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Tre was draped over the side of the bathtub, having a seizure. Tracy quickly grabbed him and pulled him out of the bath as she called 911.

If not for Ember, the family may have been too late to see what had happened to Tre.

Tracy can’t bear to think of what would have happened if Ember hadn’t been there to alert her.

Adore-A-Bull, and the Daniels family hope that this story will help reduce the negative stigma around this intelligent and loving breed of dog.

Meanwhile, Ember has been hailed a hero for her actions!