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Blogger Tries Eating Octopus Alive, Gets Her Face Nearly Ripped-Off

A young blogger from China who is known as Seaside Girl Little Seven recently tried to eat a octopus that was still alive.

She live-streamed the entire event.

The woman was in for a surprise when she tried to eat the octopus.

It latched onto her face and refused to let go.

The woman stated that the octopus was sucking her face hard, and she tried to bear it.

However, when the pain intensified she began to cry and freak out.

She finally decided to let go of the octopus. Her face was left bloody.

The woman stated that her face is disfigured, but she will try to eat a live octopus again in the future.

The woman lives in Lianyungang. She enjoys eating seafood.

She started live-streaming two weeks ago and was complaining that her videos were not getting enough views.

She repeatedly asked why none of her videos were trending.

Seaside Girl Little Seven finally got her wish.

The video of her trying to eat the live octopus has gone viral.

Many people have commented saying that she got what she deserved for trying to eat a live octopus.

One person said that since she tried to eat the octopus, the octopus tried to eat her too.

Another user said that it was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

People were happy that the octopus was finally free.

Additionally, someone said that the octopus should have taken her eyes out for trying something that was so stupid.

The video was initially posted on a popular short video platform in China.

It has been posted on many other websites including Daily Mail, YouTube, LadBible and Newshub.