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Unemployed Mother Of 8 Claims She’s Too Beautiful To Get A Job

Some people will do anything to avoid having to go to work. The worst part of it is that they are cheating the hard working people. Take Marie Buchan, 33, of Birmingham, England, for example. She is a single mom to eight children and has no job. But, thanks to her welfare benefits she makes just over $30,000 a year!

too beautiful to work

Image Credit: Daily Star / SWNS

In Britain, she has made headlines because she claims she is just too pretty to work. Yes, she thinks her looks make it too hard to get a job – as a stripper. She has made the decision recently to get breast augmentation surgery. I am not kidding.

too beautiful to work

Image Credit: Daily Star / BPM

Buchan says her boyfriend is paying for the surgery – not taxpayers. But, does it really matter who pays for the surgery? She is completely capable of getting a job but isn’t. She is cheating the system. Buchan claims to be trying to be a successful auto mechanic.

too beautiful to work

Image Credit: The Sun / SWNS