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After Losing Daughter In Crash, Family Overjoyed When Her Phone, Last Photos Found Intact

After losing their daughter in a horrific car crash, one family is now rejoicing over the recovery of their late daughter’s cellphone and phone memory.

22-year-old nursing student Emily Clark, had loved taking videos and pictures of herself with her iPhone.

She described as a beautiful young woman who was passionate about nursing.

She was a student at Georgia Southern University, and was close to both mother and father, Karen and Craig, as well as her sibling Hailey.

But Emily was tragically killed along with 4 others when a tractor-trailer crashed into their vehicle on a highway in Savannah, Georgia – before she even graduated.

Her belongings were thought to be long lost, until they were found by her family members 6 months after her death.

Emily’s younger sister, Hailey, dreamt that Emily told her about her cellphone – it was still at the crash site!

Check out this video:

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