When 89-year-old Hussein Younes began complaining to his family about suffering from abuse in his nursing home, they had no idea that they would uncover a shocking truth.

Younes was admitted to Autumnwood of Livonia, a home in Michigan, after going through abdominal surgery. Having recently gone through a stroke, he needed a wheelchair to get around due to the weakness of the left side of his body. He complained to his children about receiving abuse from his caretakers at the nursing home.

Image Credit: YouTube

After multiple complaints to Autumnwood’s management fell on deaf ears, as the family was told the claims were false and that he was receiving the best care they could give, Younes’ children began to notice cuts and bruises on their father’s body, severe weight loss, and a change in his behavior – he was having anxiety attacks that caused him to yell and shake. They decided to set up a hidden camera to find out what was really going on – and the footage they collected shocked them.

Image Credit: YouTube

Video footage showed nurses mistreated Younes repeatedly. They called him insulting names and racial slurs, handled him roughly by shoving and pushing him onto the bed and forcing him to walk, denying him care and by refusing to give him water and taking away his call button, and telling him that they sided with Trump and believed immigrants had no place in the country.

Following the footage’s collection, Autumnwood attempted to silence the family and asked them to keep the treatment a secret. A civil lawsuit was filed against the establishment, and Younes was finally transferred to a local hospital. Share away, people.