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Nurse Wheels Newborn Baby Into Elevator, Then Grandma Immediately Alerted Security

In China’s Sichuan Province, a woman dressed like a nurse was rolling a newborn from the maternity ward towards the elevator. The baby’s grandmother noticed the nurse walking down the hallway and got a funny feeling – so, she asked the woman what she was doing. As it turns out, the nurse was a kidnapper! The video below shows the security camera footage of the incident.

fake nurse

Image Credit: N/A

Once the two women were in the elevator you can see the grandmother give the fake nurse a nasty look – the jig is up! The baby is safe, and grandma is a hero! Talk about timing! If the grandmother hadn’t shown up when she did, the fake nurse would have gotten away with the whole thing!

Take a look at this video

The woman was found, arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping. Authorities are uncertain what her motives were for trying to take the baby.

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