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Nurse Tries Cleaning Up Newborn, But Can’t Believe When Baby Starts ‘Running’ Away!

Most newborns don’t have much motor control – they lay in their cribs and may kick their feet and wave their arms, but they don’t do much of anything else. Until now! The video below comes to us from Brazil, and it features a very active and advanced newborn! The nurse was trying to clean the baby when she decided it was time to take a little stroll!

In Portuguese, the woman is saying that it is a miracle! The baby girl is walking! Megan Heere, MD, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Temple University said that what we are witnessing is a normal reflex that all babies have (party pooper! LOL). The reflex will only last about a month, and then babies have to learn to walk.

Take a look at this video

Despite the logical explanation – it is still an amazing thing to watch a minutes-old baby walk!

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