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Nurse Taped Baby’s Mouth Shut Because It ‘Wouldn’t Stop Crying’

Babies cry.

They can’t speak to tell us what they need, so they cry to let us know something is wrong.

Look at the baby in this picture – he has tape over his mouth, but his parents are not the ones who put it there.

The nurses at a Philippine hospital did!

The baby’s parents Ryan Noval and Jasmine Badocdoc were understandably shocked to see their son asleep with tape covering his mouth.

baby's mouth taped

Image Credit: Facebook

The nurse told them that their son, Yohanne was crying too loud and asking for milk.

So, instead of addressing the infant’s needs, they covered his mouth with tape?!

Badocdoc told the nurse to take the tape off her son’s mouth.

baby's mouth taped

Image Credit: Facebook

The arrogant nurse told Badocdoc to do it herself!

Eventually, the nurse did remove the tape – and you guessed it, Yohanne cried.

Some of his skin was stuck to the tape.

The nursing supervisor said the tape was there to help Yohanne suck on his pacifier, but the pacifier must have fallen out.

baby's mouth taped

Image Credit: Facebook

I am sorry, you don’t tape a newborn’s pacifier to his face!

What kind of an explanation is that?

Noval took photos of Yohanne and posted them on Facebook.

He told parents that you can’t assume your newborn baby is safe at the hospital!

baby's mouth taped

Image Credit: Facebook

Maybe parents in the Philippines should request that their baby stay with them.

When my son was born, his crib was right next to my bed and he never left my sight.

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