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Nurse Finds Baby On Hospital Steps. 40 Years Later, Mom’s Secret Affair Comes Back To Haunt Her

Back on the streets of 1972, an infant named Jane has been found by nurses who worked at a local hospital in town. No one showed up to claim her either, and her parents were a mystery, and the case was shelved as years went by. Today, Jane is now renamed Jen, who was living happily with her adoptive family. She became a teacher who taught children with special needs. But she still wanted to know who she was.

Jen reached out to a friend on social media, who suggested a DNA test. Jen realized that she was related to a whole family tree of people, and located her uncle in the process. Her uncle had 7 other brothers, in which one of them was her father! After 40 years, Jen managed to discover her true identity and parentage through an intensive search.

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