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Preemie Baby Is Left Alone In NICU And No One Visits Her For Months, Nurse Steps Forward

Liz Smith works as the director of nursing for the Franciscan Children’s hospital located in Brighton Massachusetts.

During the past few months, Liz would spend the end of each working day at the hospital visiting an infant by the name of Gisele.

This poor baby was born at 29 weeks and was diagnosed with a condition known as neonatal abstinence syndrome.

This resulted from her mother’s use of drugs while being pregnant.

The state ended up gaining custody of Gisele in 2016.

After Liz volunteered to foster the young Gisele, the infant has finally been entrusted to the nurse’s care.

Gisele was close to being placed into the foster care system after her parents refused to visit the hospital for months at a time.

According to the hospital’s blog, Gisele weight under two pounds when she was born.

She spent a total of three months on a ventilator for support.

She was eventually transferred to the hospital to receive medical attention.

During her time at the hospital, Gisele received a constant visitor.

Liz would visit the infant after every working day.

The 45-year-old mother was trying to have a baby of her own, but she was struggling to become pregnant via natural methods.

After realizing that she was not a viable recipient for in-vitro fertilization, Liz decided to look after Gisele who was 9-months-old at the time.

When Liz heard that the rights of Gisele’s parents had been terminated, she had mixed feelings.

On one hand, she was more than happy to have the chance to foster the infant.

On the other hand, she was sad to realize that another mother had lost her child due to drug addiction.

Gisele continued to foster Liz for over two years as the child technically remained in the custody of the state.

After these two years, Liz applied to become Giselle’s mother.

She was granted this right and now cares for Giselle at home.

Giselle still requires to be fed through a tube, but Liz has helped her to gain the ability to eat some solid foods.

Giselle’s favorites are avocados and pizza.

When Liz became Giselle’s legal guardian, the judge addressed her directly in a flattering manner.

The judge commended the nurse’s willingness to adopt a child in need.

The judge claimed that it was destiny that brought the two together.

Although respect is normally shown to the judge, he redirected that attention to Liz the day of the adoption.

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