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Scientists Are Freaking Out About This Newly Discovered Creature (Photos)

Australian scientists aboard the CSIRO conducting the world’s first deep-sea exploration have discovered numerous wonderful – and weird species! The team is studying Australia’s eastern abyss during a one month journey. One startling discovery they have made is being called the “faceless fish.” The crew has agreed that this species has been a highlight.

The fish has been seen before – but in the Coral Sea – when the crew of the HMS Challenger discovered it back in the 1870s. The scientists have seen other amazing creatures that they didn’t know were living in the area. According to ABC, this is the first time the eastern abyss has been studied, and scientists are collecting a lot of information about the biodiversity there.

Take a look at this video

Tim O’Hara, the team leader, said that most of the lifeforms living at those depths are “jellies and fangs.” The abyss, is the largest habitat on earth, according to O’Hara.

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