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New Collar Can Actually Translate What Your Cat Is Thinking — But You Might Not Want To Hear It!

The Catterbox is being billed as the cat collar that talks. It is reportedly allowing owners to hear what their cats are saying. Two London-based creative agencies and Temptations Lab are the creators of the Catterbox. But, wait – what?

I will be able to hear my cat talk and actually understand what they are saying? How? Is this for real? You can decide if you believe it or not after watching the video below.

They claim that this is just a prototype. They have analyzed cat sounds and have created a program that will interpret them for us. All you need is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to understand your cat!

This may or may not be a good thing! I would love to know if my cat isn’t feeling well. But I am not sure I could handle any critiques about the food or accommodations from my cat!

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