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Neurosurgeon Didn’t Believe In The Afterlife — But Then A Coma Changed His Mind

Do you believe in the afterlife? Is there life after death? Dr. Eben Alexander didn’t – but he does now! As a neurosurgeon, Alexander had always heard the stories people told about near-death experiences. He assumed they were all just hallucinations. One night, Alexander woke up in extreme pain, he had contracted bacterial meningitis.

He was in a coma by the time he got to the hospital. Doctors told his wife that he may never regain consciousness. But, he did wake up seven days later. While he was in the coma, Alexander recalls going to the one place he didn’t believe existed – heaven. In the video below, he will explain his journey and tell you what he saw.

Take a look at this video

He is a changed man. The experience truly affected his life. For those of us who already believe there is a heaven, it is beautiful to see someone discover it for themselves. Share away, people.