Olivia Garcia

For fans of the show America’s Got Talent and the X Factor UK, we know that Simon Cowell can be quite a harsh judge.

This often terrifies many of the contestants who appear on these shows. Cowell is also known for being honest about how amazing some contestants are too.

He is very open about their performances and for some, it has helped to give them the push that they need.

Cowell was acting no different when a 16 year old girl took the stage on X Factor UK.

This young lady, Olivia Garcia, was clearly nervous when she took the stage.

Her voice was cracky and shaking and even Cowell mentioned, under his breath, that he could tell she was very nervous.

He had his signature judging look on his face too. This could not have helped Garcia’s nerves, but she didn’t let Cowell get to her.

She decided that it was now or never and began to sing.

When Garcia began to sing, the judges and the audience were blown away!

Her voice was incredible and now Simon knew it too.

Simon made the tough choice to put her in chair three of the six chair team challenge.