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Judges Left In Tears After Nervous Boy Starts Singing For His Dying Grandma

Simon Cowell is not easily impressed. In fact, Simon has made quite a name for himself by telling people just how unimpressed he was with their so-called talent. Harry Gardner, 16, was one of the few people that blew Simon’s mind when he auditioned on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Harry performed his original song “Not Alone,” a song he wrote for his 77-year-old grandmother, Maureen.

Maureen has been struggling with Alzheimer’s for three years, and the song is a tribute to her and the bond she shares with Harry. Dealing with a terrible disease like Alzheimer’s can be very taxing for a family. Harry was able to touch the hearts of each judge and the audience with his powerful lyrics and stunning voice. Watch Harry and his impressive audition in the video below.

Take a look at this video

Sadly, a few days before Harry’s audition was aired, Maureen passed away. Rest in Peace, Maureen.

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