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Neighbor Pays The Price After Thinking He Got Away With Evil Act (Video)

Some people are just plain mean.

Take the guy in this picture for example.

He went next door on a Sunday morning and unplugged a bounce house that had been set up for a child’s birthday party.

The party, being held at the Romero house, was ruined because of the deflated house.

To make matters worse, there were nearly a dozen children between the ages of two and three got caught inside the plastic as it deflated.

They had to be rescued, and two of the children were taken to the hospital in critical condition!

Port St Lucie saw and identified him as a man in his 60s from surveillance video, but have been unable to find him.

Take a look at this video

Police believe that someone in the neighborhood is trying to protect this man and his identity.

What he did was wrong, and he needs to be punished!

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