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Neighbors Kept Calling The Cops On This Dog Until His Owners Revealed The Adorable Truth

We all have a favorite spot that we like to go and ‘hideout’ in. Some people may escape to a comfy chair and get lost in a book. Other people have hobbies they can entertain themselves with. In the south, a favorite early evening activity is to go sit on the porch. You can just sit, relax, and enjoy.

Huckleberry, the golden retriever, knows the benefits of sitting around and enjoying life. He is not just going to sit around on the porch or even on the couch.

No, Huckleberry is a little more sophisticated than most dogs! Huckleberry’s favorite place to hang out is on the roof of his home! Somehow, Huckleberry discovered a way to climb up onto the roof, and he has taken the internet by storm!

Understandably, the neighbors were a little concerned (and freaked out) when they saw the large dog perched on the roof!