Neighbor Asks To Hold Baby. Father Takes Close Look At Photo And Exposes Truth

Cody Shugart always found it difficult to grow up without a father. But luckily for him, he was given that paternal figure in a very special person.

Mr. Chip, whose real name is Milton West, was Cody’s childhood neighbor. He had worked with the DOW Chemical Company and had retired from an operator job. When a picture of a young Cody sitting on the lap of a smiling Mr. Chip went viral, Cody felt compelled to tell the story behind it.

Image Credit: Facebook/Aubrie Shughart

Mr. Chip had been there for and with Cody since he was just two years old. According to Cody, the man taught him everything, from how to treat his mother the way she deserved to how to care for a yard, and from how to value education to the valuable lesson of looking past appearance and understanding who someone is inside. To Cody, Mr. Chip helped shape the good person he grew up to be.

Image Credit: Facebook/Cody Shughart

But that’s not where this story ends! Cody and his wife were just blessed with a baby boy in May 2017, named Bob Wayne Shugart. Both Mr. Chip and his wife fell in love with little Bob, and Bob calls Mr. Chip “Pop”, like a grandfather, while calling Mr. Chip’s wife “Lolli”, because together, that makes lollipop! How cute is that?

Image Credit: Facebook/Cody Shughart

With both Cody and Mr. Chip to guide him, we’re sure that Bob Wayne will grow into a kind, good man. In a world that can be so fraught with discord and chaos, it’s lovely to see such a positive example of people coming together, loving one another, and learning from each other.