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Neglected Bull Who Was Chained Most Of His Life Has Priceless Reaction To Freedom

Bulls have feelings too. You may not have ever thought that a tough animal like a bull could have feelings – but they do. Bandit, the bull, had spent his entire life in a steel box. Can you imagine that? That is what life is like for a stock animal – life in a narrow cage with no chance of getting out. Bandit got out!

He was rescued from a miserable, lonely, cramped life. Wait until you see his reaction! Keep in mind that Bandit weighs about 2,000 pounds! He frolics and jumps like a kitten! Well, almost! Then you will see Bandit nuzzle head-to-head with his rescuer. Grab a box of tissues, you will need them when you watch this video!

Take a look

You can imagine that Bandit is saying “thank you, thank you, thank you!” I certainly hope those other animals were rescued too!

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