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How Many Of You Actually Recognize These Gadgets? Have You Ever Used One?

Technology has made leaps and bounds over the last several years.

It’s safe to say that people from even 20 years ago could have never imagined how far we’ve come today in terms of tech and gadgets.

Back then, things were more difficult without this century’s modern innovation.

For example, there were no streaming devices to listen to free music – only radios, and pirated CDs or tapes, if you swung that way.

The Internet as we know it didn’t exist, and there wasn’t all that information readily available at your fingertips.

Of course, this means that a lot of old inventions have become obsolete, so younger generations have no idea what many of the common tools older generations used are.

While advancing forward in time is always good, and we should be grateful for new innovation, it’s sometimes nice to just let the nostalgia wash over you as you think back to simpler times.

Think of all the items that people used to use that have been phased out.

Take, for example, this tin-like, coin-looking item with a diamond-shaped wire on the end.

Do you know what it is?

It’s an item designed specially to easily insert the thread into the tiny little needle eye for sewing purposes, and it’s called a needle threader.

Similarly, this item is also used for sewing, and it looks like an eraser.

This is called tailor’s chalk, and it’s designed to make markings on the cloth so that sewing arrangements and measurements can be easily made.

This isn’t the only object that has been long lost to time.

Here are some more old objects from decades past that today’s youth will likely not know about.

1. Record Adapters

These interestingly designed products might be confused for fidget spinners today, and even those toys are out of date by 2019’s standards!

These, however, are much older than fidget spinners. They’re record adapters, which are used to allow records to easily fit onto record players of different sizes.

Since not many people listen to records today, few people know of them.

2. Church Keys

These silvery objects often etched with brand names and taglines, likely won’t mean anything to the average young bar-patron.

Back in the day, though, they were used because pull tabs on cans and twist-off bottle caps didn’t yet exist, and they were used to open those containers so people could take swigs of their drinks.

3. Wonder Sauna Hotpants

You’d have to have been born before the 70s to remember these hilarious-looking pieces of attire that basically look like a lower-body armor gone wrong.

What they actually are is much more amusing: Wonder Sauna Hotpants! These were to be worn by those trying to lose weight.

It was believed that, by wearing these inflatable bottoms, your legs and stomach would sweat more, causing fat to melt right off you as you go about your day.

Of course, they weren’t very effective.

We know enough today to be aware that exercise and a good diet are the real ways to lose weight!