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Naughty Baby Pandas Make Trouble For Caretaker Raking Leaves (Video)

Who doesn’t love a playful panda?! Pandas are quite well-known for being trouble makers! Which makes watching them so much more fun! The pandas in the video below live at Chengdu Research Base in China. Their caretaker is simply trying to rake up the leaves on the ground. The pandas don’t seem to understand why clearing the leaves is necessary.

The pandas are much more interested in having fun. They are curious about her bright pink rake and all the leaves she has put in the basket. Mei, the caretaker, has a lot of patience! She no sooner gets one panda out of the basket when another one jumps in! I am not sure Mei actually got any work done!

Take a look at this video!

She may need someone else to come in and help her distract those pandas – or better yet, just leave those leaves on the ground! At least the pandas weren’t bored!

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