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Nanny Babysitting Boy Knows They’re Not Alone, Then Dad Sees Horrifying Footage

Security cameras can be the best thing you install in your home. They can not only keep your family safe, but it records things that may be impossible to believe. Jenna Lee Baker was running errands with a three-year-old boy she babysits for. Jenna didn’t know it, but while she was out, a burglar broke into the boy’s home.

Jenna and the little boy returned home and immediately Jenna knew something was off. She called to the little boy and fled the home! Thankfully, the burglar, who looked like a teenager got spooked and left the home – but not before he walked around the kitchen and bedrooms.

Take a look at this video

Thankfully, Jenna and the little boy made it out safely. Let us hope with the footage, the police can catch the burglar! Share away, people.