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Poachers Left This Baby Rhino To Die In Pain. Now She Can’t Stop Following Her Favorite Human!

Animals of all shapes and sizes need our love and protection. In the wild, baby animals can lose their mothers from predators human and non-human. The chances of an orphaned baby animal surviving are slim. A two-month-old white rhino named Nandi was one of those babies. Nandi had lost her mother when poachers shot and killed her.

Poachers will take the horns from the rhinos and sell them – even though it is illegal. Nandi somehow managed to escape, but wouldn’t have been able to survive alone without her mother for long.

Nandi couldn’t find food and had been eating sand. Thankfully, some kind humans from The Rhino Orphanage found Nandi and took her in.

The Rhino Orphanage, located in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, is supported by Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation – and as the name implies, they specialize in the care of rhinoceros.

They work hard to help protect the species (which is endangered). They give baby rhinos who have lost their parents for whatever reason a place to live and food and, of course, love.