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Mountain Lion Cub’s Mom Is Nowhere In Sight. Then An Officer Takes A Closer Look At The Baby

It is not everyday you hear about an orphaned baby mountain lion. Sadly, we do hear all too often about cats and dogs being abandoned and left for dead. Many of those animals are found and saved. The mountain lion cub in this story was also found and saved. But, she was in bad shape when they found her in a tree in the Tohono O’odham Nation in Southern Arizona.

The cub had been without food or water for several days. Animal control workers found her up in the tree, and the body of a sibling was on the ground. IT appeared as if that cub had been killed by dogs. Arizona Game and Fish took over the care of the cub and named her Li:Bi (pronounced Libby).

Take a look at this video

Li:Bi recuperated and was given a new home at Out of Africa, a wildlife park in Arizona. Thank goodness, right?

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