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Good Samaritan Teen Helps Stranger At Stop Sign, Other Drivers Ignore And Honk Horn

What would you do if you saw a fellow motorist parked at a stop sign?

Would you stop to see if they were okay, or would you get impatient, honk your horn, and drive around them?

Max Greenwood, 16, found himself in this situation and he handled it better than the adults in the area.

Max saw the driver and stopped for just a moment – other drivers were honking their horns and moving their cars to get around the stopped car.

Max looked at the driver and saw he was in distress!

There was an actual reason why the car had stopped! Max jumped out of his truck and rushed over to help.

Two women also ran over to help, but no one could figure out what was wrong with the man.

Finally, the man was able to tell Max and the women why he had stopped his car – his blood sugar was low.

The longer the man sat there, the worse his condition got.

One woman had a Coke, and she gave the man a drink while Max called 911 – unfortunately the man’s condition didn’t improve after he drank the soda.

The ambulance soon arrived, and the man was taken to the hospital. Mary Pudelko, Max’s mom, said she is proud of her son.

She said she had raised him to do the right thing, and he did!

Not all teenagers are wild, crazy, and selfish! We need to hear more stories about the heroic teens out there!

teen helps man

Image Credit: Gillis Benedict / Livingston Daily

This kind of story gives us all hope that our country isn’t falling apart!

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