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Motorist Spots Terrified Kitty Cowering In The Middle Busy Traffic, Quickly Stops To Rescue Him

Our nation’s highways are dangerous places, for the motorists that travel on them and the occasionally lost animal that ends up on them. It is staggering how many people lose their lives on the interstate each year.

While driving along a busy road in Singapore, Masz Masuri saw a white kitty cowering next to the central divider!

I am amazed he was able to spot the cat in the first place! Masuri couldn’t stop just then but made sure to stop the next time he passed. Masuri is the administrator of a Singapore cat community page on Facebook called Kitty Konnexion Community – so, maybe part of his brain is always looking for cats in need!

Kitty Konnexion is a non-profit group that helps stray cats in Singapore. As soon as Masuri rescued the cat, he whisked him off to the vet.