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Motorcyclist Spots Runaway Horse, Owner Jumps On Back To Capture Harrowing Footage

A motorcyclist was heading into work as usual when he noticed an out-of-place fixture in his monotonous morning routine – a horse dashing past and overtaking him, and tailing far, far behind it, a woman running as fast as she could.

The woman had been walking with her horse, taking it down the sidewalk, when she accidentally dropped the reins and the horse immediately began to run. With how fast the creature could run, there was little she could do stop him except gasp in horror as he came dangerously close to vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Image Credit: YouTube

Luckily, the kind motorcyclist put two and two together and stopped to ask her if she needed a ride. She leaped onto the back of the motorcycle and just like that, the high-speed chase was on! The pair weaved in and out of roads, rushing to keep up with the horse, who continued to gallop at full speed.

Image Credit: YouTube

A few times, they came close to catching him, but the horse always managed to evade. They had no choice but to reevaluate different strategies, shouting “woah!” in hopes he would listen to the command and slow down, as the woman reached out and tried to grab his reins. This nail-biting chase is just like one out of the movies! Watch the video to find out how it turned out. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

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