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Mother Of Three Evaded Human Traffickers In IKEA — After Seeing These 4 Warnings

A mother named Diandra Toyos was out shopping for a couch at a IKEA outlet located in Southern California along with her three children and mother. Everything seemed normal at first. However, Diandra felt uneasy, like she was constantly being watched. It was then Diandra became aware of a well-dressed, middle-aged man standing near them, staring at them. There was a younger man in his 20s as well. Diandra quickly realized that all five of them were now live targets of the human trafficking trade – and these men were human ‘bounty hunters’. Luckily, they have managed to escape.

She now issues an alert via Facebook, to be wary of strangers in maze-like stores. She advises to look out for people who are:

  • Not doing any shopping, but just picking up items hastily every now and then.
  • Not waiting for anyone, but clustering in pairs or small groups.
  • Dressed nicely but differently to avoid suspicion.
  • Hanging around the store exits – in case they need to make a break for it.

Check out the image below:

All mothers out there – keep yourself and your loved ones safe from these unsuspecting predators!

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