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Mother Pig Mauls 2-Year-Old Boy To Death After He Crawled Into Its Pen

A two-year-old boy living in a Chinese village was eaten by a pig! The boy, Wei Tsao, had been playing in his family’s garden when he wandered off and found the sow – who had just given birth. The boy approached the piglets, and the sow rushed over to protect her young!

pig mauls baby to death

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Sun Tsai, 25, the boy’s father said they had just stepped inside for a couple of minutes and didn’t expect to hear the terrifying screams from the boy. Cheng Yuan, the village leader, made it clear that the pig was not killed in retaliation for this incident, the pig was killed so that they could prove to the authorities that Wei had been killed and eaten by the pig.

Bottom line – never, ever leave a young child unattended they can find trouble so quickly. It does make you wonder how much fencing was there to protect the pig. Share away, people.