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African Wildlife Gets Ultimate Revenge On Man Who Killed Them For A Living

Taking risks and being adventurous is something many people enjoy.

For some, big game hunting is the ultimate thrill.

But, you can never be too careful if you are out and about in the world.

Scott van Zyl, a South African big-game enthusiast, had a website called SS Pro Safaris.

He would take people from around the world out on hunting trips throughout southern Africa.

hunter and crocodile

Image Credit: Torrey Wiley / Flickr

As a professional hunter, Scott, 44, was familiar with big game and the potential dangers.

The prey they most often hunted was rhinos, wildebeest, and lions.

On a recent trip to Zimbabwe, Scott left the group with one tracking guide and a group of dogs.

At some point, the guide and Scott parted and agreed to meet back at the Limpopo River in Zimbabwe.

The guide that had been with Scott said that dogs all came back to the camp, but Scott never returned.

The guide called local authorities for help – he knew something was very wrong.

They were able to track Scott’s movements to a riverbank.

hunter and crocodile

Image Credit: Derek Keats / Flickr

They found his backpack, but there was no trace of Scott anywhere.

hunter and crocodile

Image Credit: N/A

But what they did find were two gigantic Nile crocodiles near the riverbank where Scott’s pack was found.

Everyone now believes that the crocodiles attacked and killed Scott.

hunter and crocodile

Image Credit: Chad Sparkes / Flickr

Both crocodiles were killed by the wildlife authorities, and their stomachs contained what could have been human remains.

More tests will be done to confirm if those remains are indeed from Scott.

Such a tragedy.

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